New Staff Joins Peabody Township Library

Camilea Davidson Started 1/2020. Let’s welcome her to the Peabody Township Library Family!

For several years now, Camilea Davidson has been on a quest.  She has a vision of the future where she is able to work with children in a community.  The first challenge of her quest was accomplished in May of 2019 when she graduated from Tabor College with a degree in Educational Studies and a minor in History.  Camilea is now working simultaneously on her second and third challenges.  She is currently working on her Masters in Library Science degree and has just secured the position of Children’s Librarian at Peabody Township Library!

Camilea has some very ambitious plans for Peabody Township Library.  The first project will be to establish a story time for the library.  She’s going to start slowly and then try to build the program to reach out to the community.  The resources available to the parents of Peabody are very vast and numerous.  Many resources have not been illuminated in such a way to attract the attention of the parents in Peabody.  Camilea will be making herself available to help parents navigate to information which will make them and their children more successful in school and in their social life.

You can reach Camilea by calling Peabody Township Library at (620) 983-2502 or you can e-mail her directly at

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