Meeting Room Reservation

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General Facility Use Guidelines

  • Permission to use
    Library facilities does not constitute endorsement of the beliefs or ideas
    expressed by organizations or individuals using the facility by the Library,
    staff or Peabody Township.  Meetings will
    not be publicized in a manner that suggests Library sponsorship or affiliation.
  • Facility use may
    be requested only by a Responsible Party over the age of 18.  The Responsible Party agrees to ensure that
    Library policy will be followed and accepts financial responsibility for any
    charges incurred by the group for damage caused to the building or equipment
    beyond normal wear.
  • The Responsible
    Party must check in with staff before and after an event.  Library staff must be notified in advance of
    cancelations.  Failure to notify Library
    staff in advance may disqualify the user from future use of the facility.
  • Smoking, drugs and alcoholic beverages are not allowed
    in the Library
  • Users are
    responsible for complying withal Library rules, for clean-up, and for any
    damage to the facility, its grounds or contents.
  • The Library does
    not assume liability for damage to or loss of personal property, or for any
    personal injury, which occurs as a result of the actions of the sponsors or
    participants in meetings scheduled at the Library.
  • Peabody Township
    Library facilities and ground may not be used for activities deemed
    inappropriate by the Library Director. 
    Exceptions to the guidelines of this policy may be granted by special
    permission of the Library Director.
  • A small kitchen
    area is available adjacent to the meeting room. 
    Users are responsible for cleanup and for any damages.
  • The Library is
    not responsible for any damage to users’ equipment.  Library staff will explain the proper use of
    Library equipment before it is operated by non-staff users.  Library equipment may not be used in the
    following ways:  a) harassment of others,
    b) violation of Federal or State law, c) unauthorized duplication of protected
    software or licensing agreements, d) destruction, damage to, or unauthorized
    alteration of the Library’s equipment, e) any unauthorized disclosure, use, and
    dissemination of any personal identification information regarding minors, f)
    accessing child pornography, Display of pornographic images in public view in
    the Library is prohibited and my result in loss of library privileges and
    possible civil or criminal penalties.
  • Videos and films
    may be used for public programs and in scheduled private meetings but must have
    public performance rights.
  • Spaces in the
    Library (with the exception of staff work areas) may be used for events and
    meeting during hours when the Library is not open to the general public on a
    limited basis by reservation and for a fee. 
    All after-hours events must be approved in advance by the Library Director
    and supervised by Library Staff or other supervisors approved by the Library
    Director.  Scheduling after-hours events
    is dependent upon availability of an individual approved to supervise.

This After-Hours Facility Use Agreement
must be approved by the Library Director and all fees must be paid before a
reservation is considered confirmed. 
Payment in full is due within 30 days of confirming a reservation for
any advance booking.  The Responsible
Party is liable for full rental fees unless a written notice to change or
cancel confirmed reservations is received by the library at least 48 Hours in advance of a confirmed date.

I understand that a responsible party must provide a current and active Library Card from Peabody Township Library to gain access to the facility.  I have read the regulations (available by request and I responsible for observing those regulations while at Peabody Township Library.  If approved, I will not publicize my meeting in a manner that suggests Library sponsorship or affiliation.