2019 Come Home for Christmas at Peabody Township Library!

Ray Savage: Resident Elf on a Shelf

December 7 was a very busy day at Peabody Township Library. Starting at noon, the library shifted gears and joined forces with the Come Home for Christmas committee and had events all over the library. Upstairs, the library introduced our newly painted children’s reading corner. Stephanie Ax-Lago did a FANTASTIC job with the mural and helping to expand the legend of our resident Library Dragon named Figment. We also had letter writing to Santa Clause and our Library Board, Ray Savage dressed as an Elf on a Shelf reading Christmas stories to children. In the basement our high school cheerleaders were doing face painting. Also in the basement, our local book club “Who Chose THIS book? Club” provided cookies, hot chocolate and hot apple juice along with an INCREDIBLE appreciation cake for Stephanie with an actual representation of Figment on it in icing!

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