PTL’s Digital Archive Page!

Thanks to a generous donation in memory of Adele and Harold Taylor, the Peabody Township Library has started a website where anybody can digitally search the Peabody Gazette Bulletin.  To access the site, go to the website listed below and follow the directions.

The website uses “Google Search Parameters”.  This means if you are looking for information about John P. Church, you do not just want to type his name in the search field.  If you do, every time the name John appears AND every time there is a Capital “P” AND every time the word church appears will be flagged.  You want to put quotation marks around the name to limit the search parameters to just this one person.  Ex. “John P. Church”.  Now, only when these three appear together will the paper be flagged for you.

All papers are available since the 1870’s and last years papers will be added soon.

The library board is wanting to add PBHS annuals or year books  to the page as well.  We are currently looking for donors willing to make this happen.  If you are interested, please e-mail the library at

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