Who Chose THIS book? Club

Peabody’s Book Club has been meeting for many years now and have chosen a wide variety of novels and have had many hours of very interesting discussion, refreshments and even a guest speaker or two! They have even provided support for library events! The club meets the first Thursday of every month starting at 1:00 P.M. usually in the Library Basement Meeting room. Contact the Library if you are interested in joining.

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New Staff Joins Peabody Township Library

Camilea Davidson Started 1/2020. Let’s welcome her to the Peabody Township Library Family!

For several years now, Camilea Davidson has been on a quest.  She has a vision of the future where she is able to work with children in a community.  The first challenge of her quest was accomplished in May of 2019 when she graduated from Tabor College with a degree in Educational Studies and a minor in History.  Camilea is now working simultaneously on her second and third challenges.  She is currently working on her Masters in Library Science degree and has just secured the position of Children’s Librarian at Peabody Township Library!

Camilea has some very ambitious plans for Peabody Township Library.  The first project will be to establish a story time for the library.  She’s going to start slowly and then try to build the program to reach out to the community.  The resources available to the parents of Peabody are very vast and numerous.  Many resources have not been illuminated in such a way to attract the attention of the parents in Peabody.  Camilea will be making herself available to help parents navigate to information which will make them and their children more successful in school and in their social life.

You can reach Camilea by calling Peabody Township Library at (620) 983-2502 or you can e-mail her directly at PTL.childrens.library@gmail.com

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PTL’s Digital Archive Page!

Thanks to a generous donation in memory of Adele and Harold Taylor, the Peabody Township Library has started a website where anybody can digitally search the Peabody Gazette Bulletin.  To access the site, go to the website listed below and follow the directions.


The website uses “Google Search Parameters”.  This means if you are looking for information about John P. Church, you do not just want to type his name in the search field.  If you do, every time the name John appears AND every time there is a Capital “P” AND every time the word church appears will be flagged.  You want to put quotation marks around the name to limit the search parameters to just this one person.  Ex. “John P. Church”.  Now, only when these three appear together will the paper be flagged for you.

All papers are available since the 1870’s and last years papers will be added soon.

The library board is wanting to add PBHS annuals or year books  to the page as well.  We are currently looking for donors willing to make this happen.  If you are interested, please e-mail the library at peabodytownshiplibrary@gmail.com

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Library Director at Peabody Township Library

Rodger L. Charles, Library Director

Rodger Charles, Library Director for the Peabody Township Library.  There is very little you can’t do in our library.

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Donations Appreciated

Ann Potter Room

The Ann Potter Room is a large meeting place located in the basement of the library with a kitchen.  Using the North Library door, a lift was installed making the basement handicap accessible.  The room is available to be reserved online by clicking on the button at the top of the webpage called “Basement Suite Reservations.”



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Carnegie Library History

Peabody Kansas Carnegie Library

Check out the History of YOUR Peabody Library site with links to more information.  How did the Peabody Library get in Peabody, Kansas? The Peabody Gazette-Bulletin from 1913 and 1914 help answer the question.  See Articles from the Peabody newspaper.

More information is planned to be added in the future, so please come back again!

Memories and stories may be submitted.

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Help YOUR Library grow!

Make suggestions

If you have ideas of books or materials you would like the Peabody Library to have, please tell the Librarian.  There are suggestions slips available too.

YOUR suggestions will be considered by the Director and the Library board.  Thank you.

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Library Wish List

Your Library really needs your help!

With funds becoming more scarce, your library could use:

Copy Paper 8.5″ X 11″, 13 gal. and 4 gal. trashcan liners, Toilet Paper, “C fold” paper towels,  Clear Packing tape 3″ and 1.5″, Kitchen Serving Utensils, Table Cloths, Hanging File Folders, 6′ plastic Tables, Table Storage Rack, and as always, donations for NEW BOOKS AUDIO BOOKS, CD’s and DVD’s!  All assistance will be greatly appreciated.

If you have questions, call the library at (620) 983-2502

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